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About the Program

The RISE program is about nurturing change and creating opportunity.
It's about empowering communities through education, healthcare,
and sustainability. Your support can make the difference.

Individual Sponsorship in Manzini

The Kingdom of eSwatini

Our program in The Kingdom of eSwatini is a residential children's home for double orphans. Children are referred to the home by family or community members. Most have no birth certificate or a living relative who is able to care for them.

Our home is a permanent home for 120 children. It includes a large wooden house where the children are cared for by a houseparent, as well as brother and sister care takers. Children are looked after with much love and equipped with skills in personal hygiene, cooking, cleaning, gardening, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Traditionally Swazis grow up working the soil. Our program has a vegetable garden and pasture that provides the home and community with fresh vegetables, fruit, poultry, and fresh milk from the cattle. Doing laundry in Africa is a special social time as everyone gathers in the sun along the river banks, chatting and sharing community life. The children spend time doing their washing together by hand to maintain ties with culture and tradition.

Our program includes a pre-school, elementary and high school, providing excellence in education and a Biblical foundation. Music, drama, praise and worship are central to the life and health of the home. Our objective is to give children the basic necessities for a fulfilling life and to raise them up to become not only productive members of society, but to be leaders in society as well.

Phone 250.712.2007