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The RISE program is about nurturing change and creating opportunity.
It's about empowering communities through education, healthcare,
and sustainability. Your support can make the difference.


South Asia

The Philippines is well known for its numerous islands (over 7,000) and it’s rich history including Old Manila and 17th century churches and forts. Asia as a whole is becoming the most influential continent in the world. It’s certainly the largest, with more than 60% of the world’s population living within its borders. The area is rich with endless opportunities and exploitations.

Systemic and sustained government corruption bled the country of education and employment opportunities leading to an increase in poverty cycles, oppression, lack of health and education, and a lack of child protection.

Our goal is to empower children with the keys to break these cycles through good nutrition, education, healthcare, and sustainable enterprises while showing them God's love and mercy. Davao City is home to Hope for the Nations Philippines, where HOPE programs are piloted before being implemented throughout the nation.