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The RISE program is about nurturing change and creating opportunity.
It's about empowering communities through education, healthcare,
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The Americas

Often associated with all-inclusive travel destinations, sandy beaches, and thriving tourist communities, Mexico actually suffers from a poverty rate that has a direct impact on the education, health, and overall care of the country’s children.

Mexico, along with other South American countries, face a number of challenges that are directly influenced by systemic issues of corruption, family break-up, and other economic impacting issues which sentence children to deep poverty and high-risk lifestyles.

Originally focused on residential care for children of parents who were in prison, one of HOPE’s oldest projects has been home for over a 1000 children of various ages. Our focus is to take children at risk and provide a caring home, access to education, and a structured support system, including resources for parents. Through these initiatives, we strive to give hope for a brighter future to children and their families in Mexico.