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About the Program

The RISE program is about nurturing change and creating opportunity.
It's about empowering communities through education, healthcare,
and sustainability. Your support can make the difference.


Hope for the Nations was conceived in 1994 in Kelowna, BC Canada through the coming together of like-minded individuals who all shared a common goal.

Hope for the Nations empowers children at risk to become children of change. We equip marginalized children to become leaders - those who affect positive change within their communities - by partnering with local organizations working within a wide variety of cultural contexts. We are an international, faith-based, "boutique" NGO, with UN Special Consultative Status, enabling ordinary people to create extraordinary HOPE in the lives of children at risk.”

Today more than 20,000 children are directly impacted by the work of Hope for the Nations.

If you would like to GIVE HOPE this year, donations will be put towards the area of most need.


Goal Amount $20,000.00

Goal End Date 2019-02-01

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