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The RISE program is about nurturing change and creating opportunity.
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Liberia - Hope Academy

BRIGHT is a fundraising initiative raising support specifically for education programs. We want to provide a bright future for the children under our care, and within the regions and communities in which our agents around the world are working. By making a donation to Hope Academy in Liberia, you’re not only giving the gift of education, you’re providing the opportunity for a brighter future.

Liberia was in the process of recovering from a devastating 8-year civil war (1990-1997) in which approximately 13% of the prewar population was killed (300,000 killed out of 2.5 million). In 2003, Ganta was in the middle of civil war.

The social, political, and economic fabric of the Ganta area had been ripped apart by the war, but is now gradually being rewoven. Tragically the war left its victims, mostly widows and orphans, in a place of desperate poverty, hopelessness, and disarray.

The work of Hope Liberia began in late 1997. Hope Academy has a student population of 400 students. Our new campus was built in 2007 and is one of the best in the Ganta region.  

To date, we have seen well over 1000 graduates come from this amazing program.

The tuition for the children in our HOPE families in Liberia is funded through donors. The cost to sponsor a child’s education at the HOPE academy is $125.00 CAD per year.

Goal Amount $15,000.00

Goal End Date 2019-02-01

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