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The RISE program is about nurturing change and creating opportunity.
It's about empowering communities through education, healthcare,
and sustainability. Your support can make the difference.

DR Congo - Justice Rising

BRIGHT is a fundraising initiative raising support specifically for education programs. We want to provide a bright future for the children under our care, and within the regions and communities in which our agents around the world are working. By making a donation to Justice Rising in DR Congo, you’re not only giving the gift of education, you’re providing the opportunity for a brighter future.

HOPE agent, Justice Rising, brings peace to communities affected by war by providing quality education to children at risk. Justice Rising works to build schools, develop programs, and raise up community leaders toward the goal of promoting peace and breaking the cycle of war. This year, there are more than 1,800 students enrolled in Justice Rising schools. There are over 3 million out-of-school children in the DRC today. We are looking to change that. Over the next five years, we plan on building 40 new schools in various war-affected communities, believing that schools will produce the future leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators of tomorrow.

In war zones, out-of-school children are at risk of becoming child soldiers and child brides, further perpetuating the cycle of poverty and war. Quality education and community empowerment programs have proven to help reverse the effects of war and break the cycle of conflict.


“She isn’t just learning her ABCs. She's learning courage and she's learning confidence. She's mapping her future and obtaining the skills she'll need for when she gets to her destination. Simply put, education in war zones changes lives.” - Justice Rising


Goal Amount $15,000.00

Goal End Date 2019-02-01

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